Cyrus 8 2 DAC

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The 8₂ Dac is almost identical in terms of feature set when compared to its sibling, the Cyrus 6 DAC but it boasts a significant improvement in output power along with proportional improvements in grip and authority making it ideal for more difficult speaker loads.

The 8₂ DAC can be utilised to play music directly from your laptop, PC or MAC. You simply connect your computer via the USB socket on the amplifier and you can enjoy the convenience of great sounding music directly from your computer music library. 

Just like the 8A, the 8₂ DAC features 70 Watts per channel, a headphone output and twin speaker output for bi-wiring, two zone output (you can play one source in the main room and another in a second room at the same time with an additional amplifier), pre-amplifier output (for bi-amping), large clear high quality LCD screen, a powerful custom menu system to fine tune your setup and a remote control.

A major benefit of the 8 series amplifier is that all 11 inputs (6 analogue and 5 digital) can be individually named from a list in the setup wizard - No more having to remember which bit of kit is connected where!

Cyrus offer additional add-on power supply and power amplifier upgrades to improve performance to even higher levels.

Technical Specification

Inputs – 6 analogue, 2 electrical SPDIF, 2 optical SPDIF, 1 USB (computer slave input)
Sample rate compatibility – digital input: 24-bit/192 kHz; USB: 16-bit/48 kHz
Outputs – Zone 2, preamp out, headphone, bi-wire loudspeakers
Power Supply – 350VA transformer
Power output – 150W per channel into 4 ohms; 70W per channel into 8 ohms
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 6.9kg

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