Cyrus CD Xt Signature Transport

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The CDXt Signature is based on the 30th Anniversary System CD player. It uses an evolved version of the slot load servo evolution technology that the clever R & D people at Cyrus have worked on for many months. They have updated the Servo Evolution technology specifically for this player to maximise the data retrieval from the disc with it working at incredible levels of precision 

The player has two in built power supplies with huge power reserves that unusually for Cyrus negates the need to use the external PSX-R for best performance.

This player has an advanced CD loader that now features LED disc detection that will ensure much better loading control and performance.

Using this CD Transport into any high end system will result in a spectacular performance from your silver discs. The player is endowed with a particularly keen sense of air and space with a wide soundstage with a greater sensation of height than most.

When Cyrus first introduced the Servo Evolution players they really re-defined what is possible at any given price point with the unique SE mechanism. The CDXt Signature is set to carry on that tradition.

Technical Specification

As with all Cyrus products, the CD Xt Signature can be connected to other Cyrus components via the unique MC-Bus connectivity.

Outputs – TOSlink optical and SPDIF digital
Dimensions (H x W x D) – 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Weight – 3.6 kg

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